UPVC Cleaning

  • UPVC Cleaning

    So your property is spotlessly clean and your windows and frames are clean and shiny, your conservatory is looking great, your gutters are flowing and your solar panels are creating lots of free electricity. Is the UPVC around your property letting down the beauty of your home or business premises though? UPVC may be virtually maintenance free but it still gets dirty. It can tend to grey with age and get covered in algae too but this process is easily reversed with proper cleaning. We do clean your window frames as part of our process but we are also able to bring the frames back to virtually new condition with specialist cleaning.

    Using our state of the art pure water cleaning equipment and mild environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, Sharp Shine Window Cleaning Services Ltd can normally remove all dirt and staining from the safety of the ground and more severe staining can be removed by hand with specialist cleansers. We offer our service to and regularly clean Homes including houses, bungalows and flats, commercial and industrial premises including offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, industrial units, garages and many more.