Gutter Clearance

The gutters and drains around your home and business premises are there to serve a very important purpose and if they are blocked then obviously they can’t perform this task so they need to be cleared. They are there to divert rainwater away from your property which when left to it’s own devices can seep into the property and cause a lot of damage including damp and mould on walls and even furniture which besides being terrible to look at can be very unhealthy.

Rainwater can also soak into woodwork causing rot which can be very expensive to repair and even worse it can seep into the very foundations of your property and cause erosion.

A blocked gutter is also a heavy gutter and could break away from it’s fixings again causing damage to property like garden furniture or windows, the worst case scenario could be injury to yourself or passers by.

Sharp Shine Window Cleaning Services Ltd can very quickly and cost effectively clear and clean the gutters around your property avoiding any of that damage and have the water flowing where it’s meant to go, down the drain.

We offer our service to and regularly clear gutters on residential, commercial and industrial premises including homes, offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, industrial units, garages and many more.